June 2021
Wednesday, 19:00
The Four Points Public House

Planning Meeting

Aldworth Parish Council will meet on Wednesday 16th June at 7pm at the Four Points Public House (the Village Hall is currently unavailable) to discuss the change of use to Pibworth House barns and to review the application for the Old School House.

You can visit the WBC Planning Portal to view the document for Pibworth House here.

You can visit the WBC Planning Portal to view the documents for The Old School House here.

The meeting will move into a private session to discuss confidential business.

The public are welcome to join us, socially distanced and outside for the first part of the meeting, but they will be asked to leave before we discuss the confidential items.

The agenda can be downloaded below.

Minutes - Part 1 Minutes can be viewed below.  Part 2 are confidential minutes and will not be made available to the public and sensitive information is contained within.